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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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no one is injured. officials are warning people to stay away though. all of this is under investigation. also, breaking right now, skyfox live over another story in bucks county where police are responding to a hazmat situati situation. this is along 8700 block of easton road in ottsville. we are told that crews were called out when some kind of explosives were found around 2:00 this afternoon. no one was injured. and in belgium explosion at a train station in brussels and soldiers shot a suspect. the brussels prosecutor's office says that suspect was wearing a backpack and explosive belt. we do not know if the person survived. it appears no one else is hurt. damage limited. the station is one of the busiest in that nation. belgium has been on high alert since suicide bombers killed 32 people in the brussels subway and at an airport in march of last year. here another home opening statements in the bribery trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. federal prosecutors told the jury today williams was constantly on the take. he's accused of taking bribes
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worth tens how fast thousands of dollars in exchange for favors. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the jury has made up of ten women and two men and seated yesterday. jeff cole was in the courtroom today. joins us live outside federal court in center city. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, this is a historic trial, right? you've got a sitting da arc sitting da who's being tried for corruption bite federal government. the government says the district attorney williams accepted bribes and gifts. defrauded the government his mom's nursing home to support his sometime lavish lifestyle. in testimony this afternoon, prosecutors pressed on their claim that he misused about 20 grand supposed to go to his mom's care in the st. francis nursing home it's a non-profit. a nursing home collections person told the jury williams didn't seem to care about. didn't seem to want to pay. williams attorney argued it wasn't made clear to him what his financial obligations were. we pressed williams' attorney for answers on the way out.
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>> attorney burke, give us a little sum receive your opening. a little sum receive your opening. >> i have no comment right knowledge thank you. >> can we just get a little, just little. >> you guys saw it. you saw it live. >> we're not in there during the day. a little sum receive your open, please. >> i just went over our version of the evidence was and what our version of we believe the evidence will show and that's all. >> reporter: they didn't do anything, that affected any of these cases in your view? >> that's correct. >> reporter: what, this whole nursing home thing is bogus here? >> yes. >> reporter: seth, any comment, seth? how did you think it went for you today, man? >> excuse me, i'm sorry. >> reporter: so look these defense attorneys don't often want to talk when they leave so you have to press a little bit. williams was in the car that's who i was trying to talk tom node comment. defense claim despite all these claims williams took this money their argument he didn't do anything to impact cases. well, that's not what the federal government says. they say he was bought and sold and that he's a corrupt district
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attorney in philadelphia. i have to say i saw testimony from kathleen did he freeze the collections person in the nursing home. i think she hurt him in front of the jury because she made it look as if williams did not care about the care of his mom and wouldn't pay for it. she's on the stand tomorrow. she's going to be crossed by williams' attorney burke who looks to be aggressive. live here at the federal courthouse, i'm jeff cole, folks, back to you. >> much drama there in center city. jeff cole thank you much. tomorrow we will find out if a montgomery county judge will release the names of the jurors in the bill cosby indecent assault trial. a dozen media outlets have asked judge steven o'neill to release those names. prosecution dean fence have argued that could have an effect on cosby's next jury. the jurors of course did not reach a verdict in the high profile case forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. andrea constand on twitter today thanking her supporters and for their love and their kindness. the 44-year-old prosecutors charged bill cosby with sexual assault he's quote eternally
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grateful for the messages she's received in recent days. happening now the school reform commission has just given its approval to a new contract for philadelphia's public school teachers. the deal comes after a four-year stalemate that had teachers bailing out of the district because of frozen wages and uncertain future. >> but the new contract comes with plenty of big questions. like who will pay for the deals our bruce gordon joins us in stewed eighty seven bruce, first things first, right? what's in the contract? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you let's go to the blackboard and we'll tell you. first of all the teachers they get pay raises for the first time in a long time, and they get some, some of the back pay they lost during the long deadlock. the district what do they get? well, they get some changes in work rules. this is something that was key to them, and they also get and this is huge, health care contributions from the union for the first time. big deal. so why isn't everybody smiling? the long awaited contract approved by the district and teachers will cost nearly
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$400 million in total nearly 250 million more than the city of philadelphia has set aside for the deal which led the lone decenting voice in the school reform commission's 41 ratification vote tuesday to ask -- >> where we going to get that money. >> commissioner bill green then attempted to answer his own question. >> the contract itself is irresponsible. it is not paid for and there's no commitment pay for it. >> reporter: moments after teachers voted overwhelming to approve the deal monday night, pft president jerry jordan put that funding gap into historical context. >> there is never, ever a time that i can remember when a contract has been settled where there has been boat load of money just piled up waiting to pay for a contract. >> true. but that doesn't answer the question of who will supply that extra quarter billion dollars. city council is certainly among those on the hot seat. now it's on the state and the city to figure this out. >> state already made pretty
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clear they're not going to be handling out a lot of cash to the city. >> unfortunately, that's where the rubber meets the road. >> reporter: without significant help from harrisburg, src member farah jimenez laid out this scenario for philly property owners. >> as much as 20% increase in their overall real estate tax bill. >> reporter: what was that again. >> as much as a 20% increase in their overall real estate tax bill. >> reporter: we caught up with mayor kenney to ask about that possibility. >> we'll work with our funding partners in hearing, lon elli to try to find a way to get this done. >> reporter: is there going to be tax increase. >> i'm not pro paired to that say that now. what we're working with our funding partners to find the money rt. >> reporter: now, if that funding hole cannot be filled src's bill green, yeah, he's talking the a word. the possibility of massive teacher layoffs and he says they could begin as soon as 15 months from now. look. all parties want add new contract for teachers. clearly they deserved one. but with dollars tight, be careful what you wish for. iain. >> good point, bruce. thanks.
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sad news out of the jersey shore where second girl has died from a swimming incident last week. 12-year-old emily gonzalez perez had been on live support since she and her cousin were pulled out of the sea in belmar. her cousin misty hernandez nicholas died last thursday. both were students at belmar elementary school. to your fox 29 weather authority right now. just look at this in sussex county, delaware. whole lot of damage and the national weather service just ruled the storm that hit there latyesterday afternoon the one r kathy orr and scott williams was telling you about as breaking news was a tornado kathy orr was tracking those tornado storms, the warnings right around this time last night, kathy. >> it was. incredible pictures from the national weather service. take a look at this. this is how they determined it was a tornado. look at these trees. these trees are down in one direction. then the other is another direction like a radial disbursement of the trees instead of the trees in straight line that's how they knew there
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was rotation by looking at the signature at the ground. look how it flatten this beautiful farm in sussex county, delaware. and that obviously debris from a tour made co a weak tornado. ef0 it's not an extreme wind but it is definitely enough to do this type of damage. so winds estimated between 65 and 85 miles an hour in greenwood sussex county with that weak tornado. also yesterday another confirmed tornado late this afternoon by the national weather service. this was really determined and spotted by a train spotter who sent in video and they determined that there was a second tornado this is in scharr tellsville, berks county with 8. it traveled 2 miles was about 4. so two tornadoes out of those severe shops yesterday coming up with our seven day forecast we'll talk about summer beginning tomorrow. that means more severe weather. back to the 90s in the seven day and watching tropical storm
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cindy. it's hurricane season. we'll talk more about that i think this summer is really going to be heating up. send it back to you. >> my goodness. amazing kathy ef0 nothing to shrug off. no. >> you think it's not big but it's something. >> you're talking max 80 miles an hour wind. you can see what it can do. >> thank you kathy. >> you bet. republican leaders in the senate say they are getting ready to vote on a bill that would repeal and replace obama care. >> but the bill known as the american health care act has democrats pushing back hard. fox's mike emmanuel has more from washington. >> reporter: it is another partisan showdown on capitol hill over health care. republicans are gearing up for a series of votes that could come as early as next week. repealing obama care and replacing it with the gop bill known as the american health care act. senate republicans have been crafting their own version of the bill behind closed doors. and leaders in the house say they'll support whatever changes are made. >> big legislation like this doesn't go through the house or the senate with no changes. so we naturally assume the
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legislative process will take its course. >> reporter: but the bill remains deeply unpopular and face's staunch opposition from all senate democrats. who say they'll grind senate business to a halt in an evident to delay the vote. they're also criticizing republicans for drafting the bill in secret and not allowing open hearings on the changes being made. >> we have to assume the worst case scenario which is they'll get the votes to pass it and we've got to try and stop that from happening. >> reporter: the bill also isn't a done deal among republicans. some conservatives have complained it won't stop taxpayer money from being used on abortions while others say it doesn't focus enough on rising health care costs. >> the current draft doesn't do nearly enough to lower premiums. but i think if we focus on lower premiums, we can bring together conservatives, bring together moderates, we can unify republicans. >> reporter: it is not entirely clear if republican leadership will have the votes to pass the bill in the senate. but majority leader mitch mcconnell is clearly hoping
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deadline pressure will produce a result. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. pennsylvania announces who will receive licenses to run marijuana dispensaries. where they're going to be and why one local woman says they need to open sooner rather than later. president trump addresses the death of an american student who had been nailed in north korea. the response he has for the north korean government. temperatures out west reaching a sweltering imagine this 120 degrees. the effect that's having on our nation's air travel. and new at 6:00, employees at a store in langhorne refusing to let their challenges get in the way of making a living. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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♪ highway to honor trooper killed in the line of duty. today new jersey state senators passed legislation to name a road after state trooper sean cullen who was responding to a car accident on i-295 in west deptford in march of last year when a car hit and killed him. if the legislation passes in the assembly, signed by the governor, that same section of 295 where cullen died will be called state trooper sean e cullen memorial highway. big step today to bring medical her want to pennsylvania. >> the state just approved the first permits to grow and process pot. it has a dozen of them. two of them are in our in berk county in reading and in sinking spring. governor tom wolf signed medical marijuana program into law last april. it's expected to be implemented by early next year. our fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us in studio with this story of one local woman who has been
5:15 pm
waiting for this noon news. dawn. >> lucy, waiting for years. this delaware county woman has an incurable and very painful disease and she says pot is one of the few things that actually makes her feel better. >> i had 28 operations. i was 12 years old when they did the first operation. >> bernadette of drexel hill has a rare neurological disorder called scharr company maria tooth disease or cmt. it's hereditary. her dad had it. and it progressively is robbing this 38-year-old of the ability to use her hands, legs and feet. she's been in motorized scooter for the last nine years. >> with nerve pain it's like pain i've never felt before like having a neuropathy, um, it is. it's like you're getting electrocuted. >> reporter: bernadette was prescribed all kinds of medications over the years, but says nothing helped. >> they made me worse. it made me worse, yeah. >> reporter: that's when she turned to marijuana to ease her
5:16 pm
suffering. she use a vape penn a couple of times a day. >> i can just use my knuckle, press the blue button let it heat up to a certain degree. i vape oil. so it's concentrated flour. >> reporter: bernadette is very independent and incredibly upbeat. she works out of her home for the her read tower neurological foundation. she has an in home therapy pool which she says is a god send. but she says marijuana gives her the quality of life she never had before. >> i was sleeping better. my pain levels were down. i felt like more like myself. >> reporter: of course, the problem is, where she gets it. >> at the black-market. i have to. >> reporter: a risk bernadette says is worth taking. but hopefully not for much longer. she is so encouraged by the medical marijuana permits the state health department awarded today to 12 businesses to grow and process marijuana in pennsylvania. >> i know that within a year from now, i'm going to be able to go to the doctor's get my
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medical marijuana card. it's going to be the best day. >> i'm sure it will be. bernadette feels like this action by the state will validate her. she often feels like people judge her and having pot legalized for medical use she says will make her live easier from both the health standard and also on an emotional level. lucy? >> all right. dawn. you know right now the world is in the middle of the worst refugee crisis in recent histo history. always read those heartbreaking headlines, right? you may not know philadelphia's role in giving people fleeing their homes a new life. today is world refugee day, and at city hall, local leaders joined non troughs to recognize them for all that they do to help refugees acclimate to their news lives in the city of brotherly love. >> philadelphia was founded by a man who was forced to leave his home country because of the religion he practiced. and since day one this has been a city where all are welcome. a city where everyone can be who god intended them to be without issue.
5:18 pm
>> 800 refugees settle in philadelphia every year most come from of a forty three cash the middle east and ukraine. historic markers throughout our area tell painful story of the struggles of the past. one of them the history of slavery. >> big anderson spoke to leader who acknowledge those struggles but wants to make sure we also celebrate the people who fought for change for goodness sake. ♪ >> a lot of people say just tear it down. no, you can tear this down. you don't understand the value of this place. >> reporter: if you live in mt. laurel, new jersey, you may have driven down elbow lane hundreds of times and thought nothing of it. you may have even seen this building that appears to be a deteriorating old meeting house and thought what's the significance? but to some it's an absolutely vital part of our history that has to be preserv preserved. >> this was a safe house for people coming through the under ground railroad. the people at this location would either give them food, shelter, clothing and then send them to the next stop. >> reporter: among the darkest moments in our history but the
5:19 pm
underground railroad and places like jacob's chapel stood as a beacon of light. >> these people were one step out of slavery and they built this and kept this and we don't have a right not to go further and take it to the next level. >> reporter: the sight recently received historic marker and pastor person is happen for that but now you can see his focus and passion has turned to making sure the historic nature of the area is appropriately recognized and rebuilt. >> it's like somebody takes a baton and they -- you're run in race of life and they hand it to you. what they left us, i want to leave somebody else that legacy to pass it on, too. >> reporter: hard to overstate significance of legacy to the people fighting to restore the meeting house. pastor person is one of many related to dr. james still buried at the sight and known in local history as a medical trailblazer. >> he wanted to be a doctor. now knowing his parents were just out laugh row, he knew that he would not be able to go to school but that did not stop the vision. >> reporter: that was just one
5:20 pm
of the many stories he told me he plans to share once the building is restored. >> i bring reactors in here and they would sit and tell the stories. you know how migrate great montgomery came out of slavery and came up this way. >> reporter: for me today was a history lesson of a relatively overlooked sight in mt. laurel and a community fighting to make sure significant a accomplishments that happened in our area are not simply demolished and forgotten for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ it's history that makes us who we are, right. >> let's hope that they get that. that way we can remember. that's what we need to do. >> and not repeat. >> absolutely. thank you very much. house on fire but it's what happened on camera moments before these flames broke out that caught the attention of police. >> christmas may be more than sick months away but you should start planning to spend more money on your holiday shopping this year.
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caught on camera looks like a woman setting his house on fire killing a man inside the video was shot late last week and it shows a woman in wisconsin busting out a window, pouring what appears to be gasoline on a sheet. minutes later you see flames erupting from that window. a woman inside can be seen jumping through a different window to try to get out thereof. a 72-year-old man died in that fire. one person is now under arrest. the people of georgia are voting for their next u.s. representative. pundants say this election will shape the 2018 mid term elections on a national scale. democrat john oh saw facing karen handle for the seat. tom price the now secretary of health and human services left it vacant. the district hasn't had democratic representative since 1979 and paul poles show the candidates in neck and neck battle. georgia's sixth congressional district at a battleground area. >> president trump only won it by one point 5%, and that is
5:25 pm
what this is all about. that's why there's so many national forces at play in this race. so much national money pouring into this. particularly on the democrat side. >> in fact this special election has been one of the most expensive and highly publicized congressional races in us history. campaign spending well it's topped $50 million. a public funeral planned on thursday for the american student who died soon after being released by north korea. the high school in ohio that otto warmbier attended will hold service the 22-year-old was the sal lou attorney and athlete. he died yesterday after he was held by north korea for nearly a year and a half. he was sent home in a coma last week dan president trump is reactioning to the news of warmbier's death. he says he did talk to the family. >> it's a total disgrace what happened to otto. that should never ever be allowed to happen and frankly if he were brought home sooner i think the result would have been
5:26 pm
a lot different. he should have been brought home that same day. >> warmbier accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner and was sentenced in march of last year to 15 years in prison with hard labor. officials in north korea blamed the coma on botulism but doctors here in the us say they found no sign of that rare disease. summer vacation season now underway. why the national experts say you don't have to travel far from home to have a world class vacation. >> see? it's nice to stick around home. temperatures out west, well, they are reaching a sweltering 120 degrees. and that's having a big effect on our nation's air travel. kathy my mom and dad called me today. 111 where they are. >> wow. aren't we lucky. >> i know to be here. >> yeah. the front that moved through the region yesterday and brought the severe weather is singing to the south. see the rain along the gulf? that is tropical storm cindy and she could impact our weather. we'll talk more about that with your weekend weather coming up.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news right now. skyfox live over ottsville bucks county. here's what's going on. hazmat crews are right there at the eighty one 8700 block of easton road. what we understand crews were called out when state police found explosives as they served a warrant.
5:30 pm
now, the pa state troopers say they found all kinds of firearms and chemical explosives inside that home. we do know that no one is injured. as this continue to break we'll bring you the news. have you been to new york's high line? philly just got a step closer to its version of the high line. the rail park has raised more than it needed in online fundraiser to transform unused train tracks into a city park. first stretch of the project quarter mile by 11th and callowhill set to open in 2018. all right. if you're planning a summer vacation apparently you don't need to look any further than right here in philadelphia. my friend, that's because new report just ranked the city as the second best vacation destination in the country. i'm going to say that again. second best vacation destination in our nation. it's only behind new york city. but in front of other popular spots like honolulu and the grand canyon. the list comes from u.s. news and world report. must be the cheese steaks. >> you may have had flights canceled because of snow,
5:31 pm
storms, maybe, lightning but today in arizona mother nature through a little different kind of curve ball. it was too hot to fly. >> have you ever heard of that before. >> no. >> dry heat. it's no that the bad. >> dry heat. it's 120 it's hot. >> it's all right. >> tonight hundreds of people are trying to figure out what to do. fox's daniel miller is live for us at sky harbor airport in phoenix. danielle, this doesn't happen every day. >> reporter: it definitely does not. as you guys mentioned we hear of snow and things like that. deiceing planes. well here there's not taking off because it's just too darn hot. now i just got 119 degrees. we just hit that here at phoenix sky harbor international airpo airport. for the second day in a row flights have been canceled because of this. now, american airlines telling us today that seven of their regional flights have been delayed. 43 of those flights have been canceled. that is because of our extreme temperatures bringing 120 degrees to this phoenix valley here.
5:32 pm
now, when we say regional we're talking about the smaller jets operated by mesa airlines and sky west airlines under the american eagle brand and they actually cannot take off in temperatures hotter than 118 degrees which we just beat that as i mentioned 119 right now. now it does take more speed to take off in high temperatures and the runway here at phoenix sky harbor might not be long enough to allow one of these smaller plains to achieve the needed speed to take off here, and larger jets can take off in about temperatures as hot as right around 126 degrees. so i'm crossing my fingers we do not have that problem any time soon. american airlines has told us they don't expect any flights to be canceled tomorrow, wednesday, because we're only supposed to reach 116 degrees. now obviously fit jumps up those 2 degrees they'll be rearranging their plans for tomorrow. we're all keeping our fingers crossed here in phoenix that it does not reach that high and slowly goes down here for us for our sake. but for now i'm danielle miller in phoenix. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, danielle.
5:33 pm
she explained the mystery because and i were going why can't they fly. >> there's our reason. >> stay cool, danielle. >> thanks. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. talking about weather. live look at wildwood. less steam thee me outside after those storms yesterday what can we expect for tonight and rest of the week. meteorologist kathy orr has got your forecast in 15 seconds. beautiful day from the poconos to the city and even down the shore. across the delaware valley a beautiful day and look at cape may. just picture perfect day with high temperatures in the 80s. but please be careful if you're going down the shore over the next couple of days. never swim at the beaches where the guards are not guarding because it's pretty dangerous out there. we do have new moon we have a long southeasterly fetch and that means we run the risk
5:34 pm
moderate risk of rip currents for wednesday and even during the day on thursday. today's high temperatures across the region on their way in. mainly in the mid 80s. bounces back nicely after high of 90 yesterday. yesterday last night into tomorrow -- this morning, rather, 70 degrees. that's where we bottomed out and rising to the mid 80s this afternoon. so really nice rebound after that front moving through. that front well to the south. some high clouds still in cape may and central and southern delaware but the rest of us enjoying deep blue skies and much lower humidity. down the shore temperatures mainly in the 80s with a land breeze. right now in philadelphia it's 87. pottstown 83. wilmington 84. and millville it's 83 degrees. down the shore, with the land breeze, pretty pleasant. southerly winds kicking in this afternoon ocean city 73. 77 in wildwood. the ocean water temperature up to 66 degrees. dew point that true amount of moisture in the atmosphere yesterday in the 60s and 70s.
5:35 pm
70s bee oppressive. mainly 50s through the philadelphia area to the north and west and that really means comfortable conditions. much more comfortable than yesterday. the dew .61 in millville. still high in dover at 67. as we go hour by hour tonight, dry conditions, clear skies throughout the region with temperatures falling back into the 60s overnight tonight. with a few clouds to the south but nevertheless, tomorrow morning looking picture perfect with plenty of sunshine. all of our eyes turn to the tropics. we have tropical storm cindy that is expected to make landfall along the gulf coast possibly louisiana as early as tomorrow night. and a lot of that moisture could be pulled up ahead of a front bringing increasing humidity and maybe an increase in shower activity over the course of the weekend. so this is going to be some very important to watch. overnight tonight, low temperatures we'll get down into the 60s with partly cloudy skies. very comfortable conditions. during the day tomorrow, going for a high temperature once again well into the 80s.
5:36 pm
89 degrees our first day of summer will definitely feel like it. take a look at the seven day forecast from the weather authority. how about 90 on thursday. none on friday. we kick in the humidity as well. saturday 86. a chance of a shower sunday. monday partly cloudy. tuesday 82. hurricane season, guys, going to be heating up. so that means maybe we'll add a few showers to the weekend. we'll keep you posted on that. >> all right. kathy, thanks. this is probably the last thing you'd expect when popping the hood of your car. what otters were doing hiding inside a jeep. christmas is, what, more than sick months away, right? but you should maybe start planning to have to spend a little more on your holiday shopping this year. new at 6:00 what uber is doing to make things better for the men and women driving its customers around and why could it cost you more money. ♪
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the charge is going to range from 27 to 97 cents. it's not that much. it only applies to reasonable deliveries. how much of a charge you'll pay is going to depend on the date and the type of shipping. analysts say that retailers had have to decide whether to eat that cost charge more for shipping or just raise prices to make up for the added expense. >> it's not verily? now, is it? losing a family member is incredibly hard at any age but for children grief can sometimes be more difficult to process. jefferson health, however, is helping. camp charlie happening right now in horsham. a week long bereavement camp for grieving children, teens and their families. the children complete various obstacles and challenges learning to lean on each other both physically and emotionally. >> one of the tasks of grieving that's so important to address is that you need to be able to move forward living a new life, living a new life means a new normal for these people. their world has changed. it's never going to be the same.
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so they need to find new support and they come here to camp and they fine support in each other to help them move forward. >> this is the 11th year of camp charlie. coming up the super size lesson in life happening in one mcdonald's drive through. and politician in costa rica is eating way more than his words. what he said after he -- oh, did you see that? after he accidentally ate a wasp. sean bell. >> lucy the phillies have had enough after starting off the season as the worst team in baseball. they're bringing up a couple of young guys and a lot -- letting a couple guys go that were supposed to be stars. who that is later in sports. ♪
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♪ grammy award winning artist
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john legend postponing his camden concer couldn't for thury night. the university of pennsylvania grad took to twitter to apologize to fans and to announce he needs to postpone his tour because, well, he's sick. legend says he's in the process of reschedule link all tights will be honor on the new date. >> uk mourns the lives lost in the devastating high rise fire, the music community is coming together to help. some of britain's top musical talent gathered today to record charity single for the victim. artists like jesse jay and robbie william got together to sing a version of simon and garfunkel's hit bridge over troubled water. simon cowell says the song gave him chills when he first heard it. >> i'm not just saying this. absolute team effort. everyone chipped in. every record label. all the artists. it's been incredible. >> collaborative single expected to be released tomorrow. >> we just celebrated father's day that dozens of people in scotts burg kentucky will never
5:46 pm
forget. >> one good deed turned into super size act of kindsness at a local restaurant. >> chris sutter has the story. >> reporter: busy world drive through often serves as one big dinner table for a lot of people who have never met. >> double quarter pounder meal. >> reporter: last night at the scotts burg mcdonald's strangers became family. >> something like that. somebody got to know about this. >> reporter: hunter watched it all unfold. >> happened all the way until we close, sir. >> reporter: it started with mickey d's regular. >> she saw the dad in the van behind her and he had like four kids in the car. he had a bunch of happy meals. two quarter pounders and a big mack meal somebody other stuff. but she was like i'm going to pay for the father behind me. i want to you tell him happy father' days. >> reporter: but that dad didn't just take the free meal and run. >> he paid for two cars behind him. >> reporter: three cars paying it forward became ten, ten became 100,. >> i had people telling me no, it's go to go stop here. it's going to stop at 100 you won't make it past. >> reporter: from 8:30 to midnight the good deeds under the golden arches didn't stop.
5:47 pm
end of the night at closing, 167 cars. just unbelievable. >> i thought it was pretty mazing you don't see a lot of pay it forwards any more. two mc chicken sandwiches. >> abby smith and her boyfriend were car 161 hunt's manager was car 105. >> i've seen it happen before, but not to that extent. probably anywhere in the world something like this just doesn't happen. >> reporter: when it's in community already getting a bad rap for drug epidemic steers like these make all the differ in the world. >> just great feeling to know there's lot of good people out there still. >> reporter: it pays to give back. a super size lesson in life in the driver through of mcdonald mcdonald's. yeah i never seen 167 times it happened. somebody did it to me dumb of coming over the ben franklin bridge. >> you did it for the next person. >> yeah. that's a lot. >> maybe it went thee hundred times you don't know. >> i don't know. nice to have it done for you. >> we could try it tonight and see how far it goes. >> yeah. >> all righty then. in your health researchers may have found a way to ease chronic
5:48 pm
back pain it's yoga new study out of boston medical center followed people with lower back pain and found that yoga appears to be as effective as physical therapy. people who do yoga or have physical therapy are also likely to stop taking pain medication. the yoga classes were taylo taid for people with back pain. >> rack scene in the work for heart disease. researchers in vienna working op drug that would boost the ability's ability to remove bad cholesterol from the blood. researchers believe it could take six years for the shot to become available but that's not too far off. still though they say shouldn't be an excuse to keep eating all of that high fat saturated food. now that first lady melania trump and her son barron moved to washington, new yorkers say they're seeing a lot less security around the building that bears the president's name in midtown manhattan. less new york city police officers on duty, fewer barricades at trump tower but people who live and work near
5:49 pm
the skyscraper say they know it may only be temporary. >> it's still a target. it's still the primary residence of the president and the first family. so that's why there's still going to be a significant security and police presence there. with that being said it's only when the president and his first family -- and the first family is actual until town it increases to where shopkeepers and pedestrians and traffic get affected. >> many high end retailers complain after the election saying the increase security made it difficult for customers to get into their stores. with the security reduced plenty of tourist crowding the sidewalks to see the famous building. all right. in michigan the strong and pungent smell of marijuana is concerning neighbors. neighbors say you can smell the weed the moment you get near one particular house in detroit suburb. people say they've and seen men loading unloading marijuana plants calling the home grow
5:50 pm
home. one man is worried about his 91-year-old dad who lives in the area. >> he's got oxygen, if anything happened to that house and it lit up, he'd blow up. >> they vent it 24/7 and it smells up to the neighborhood terribly. >> people drive by and ask us, do you smell -- what's going on do you smell, what's going on? so many complaints yet nobody has done anything city officials are aware of the problem. the city plans to address the matter council meeting to night with proposed changes to its odor ordinance. all right. so row row row your beat, iain. in this case a very different kind of boat. >> caulk are tal talking about a canoe made out of settlement. some students in colorado showed it's possible. dan, reports. >> reporter: they came from around the world. >> students of civil engineeri engineering. to evergreen lake in the colorado rockies to compete with the best of the best.
5:51 pm
whoo! >> reporter: in a race with can news made of settlement. they have to find way to make concrete that's a, lighter than water, or b, that with the shape of their canoe can offset they are heavier than water. >> reporter: building a concrete canoe that floats is one thing. >> they also have to innovate to ensure that it's a light weight concrete that can float as well as one that as they develop it, it can steer. >> reporter: the student competitors are judged on oral presentation. display, final product and, of course -- >> stroke. stroke. stroke. >> reporter: the race itself. design and weight of the canoes varied. >> we had canoe here about 20 feet long weighs 125 pounds. i'm it's the light test, heaviest is about 370 close to 400. >> reporter: today was a lot more than just fun in the sun
5:52 pm
for the soon to be civil engineers. prestige comes with winning this race. >> a couple bags of doritos and mountain dew went into the training for this race. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this kid just doesn't know it yet. >> hi, mom. >> it's good training. though. doritos and mountain dew. >> yeah. you can tell they're young. [ laughter ] congratulations. this is probably the last thing you'd check expect when popping the hood of your car. what otters were doing inside a jeep. what uber is doing to make things better for the men and women driving its customers around and why it could cost you more money. employees at a store in langhorne refusing to let their challenges get in the way of making a living. ♪ tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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definitely not an ideal moment for costa rica's president during news conference. see what's going on here? he was caught on camera accidenta accidentally swallowing a wasp. he didn't even break stride. he continued right -- right on with his speech before laughing and confessing to the i guess you could call it an accidental snack. he told reporters pure protein. >> county in in order says it's got a plan to keep bears out of residential neighborhoods. orange county, florida n includes orlando is looking to provide homeowners with beary assistant trash cans. animals have a tough time getting into those cans taking a way what the beers realize is a food source that keeps them coming back into neighborhoods. if the plan is approved, anyone in a designated bare management
5:57 pm
area can swap their bears for beary assistant trash cans at a discounted price. >> we're really pushing those. if we can get, um, everybody in the neighborhood, you know, secure with beary assistant garbage cans that will go a long way to reducing our conflicts. >> the cans would not be mandatory. residents say it will do little any way to keep the bears away even one trash can is a food source. >> yup. animals under a car are common. squirrels, raccoons, maybe even possoms if you're in philadelphia. >> this is true. i had one on my back porch. animals underneath a car in florida that has people scratching their heads especially since it was nowhere near its natural habitat. fox's brian scott explains. we see a lot of crazy animals out here. >> reporter: but laura cook never thought that would drop out of her jeep. >> otters this is a first. >> reporter: discovered by her neighbor's dog crosby. who out of nowhere started
5:58 pm
barkinbarking at the vehicle ons morning walk. >> usually he doesn't make a peep. >> reporter: laura came out early. >> walked up underneath here report roar and thought she'd take look. >> there's a carriage up under near there and they kind of climbed up. >> reporter: momma otter with three babies just hanging out next to the engine for some reason in this land locked neighbor. >> i mean, why are there otters over her. >> reporter: not even the animal experts had an answer to that mystery but she knew she didn't want them stuck up there in the morning heat. so she call local critter guy bob cross who admits he's never seen this one before. but he used a little cool water to coax the family out. >> there it is. and one by one, they came down sending the neighborhood kids scattering with each. laura hopes they're running off to safer spaces just glad crosby raised the alarm before she started that car. >> yes, i'm not really sure what would have happened if he hadn't been here. >> but instead it was just a morning unlike, well, any other.
5:59 pm
in sanford, brian cot scott, fox news. >> i guess the guys garage is a safer space they kind of looks like the trajectory there. >> they'll be out somewhere for awhile. >> i wish they could have got them to a river. >> there's one near there. it's florida. >> there's lot of waterways. >> exactly. >> probably getting away from the gators. sorry. >> that's right. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 philly's top prosecutor in court. opening statements in district attorney's seth williams corruption trial watch we have learned on this first day of testimony. ♪ employees at a store in langhorne refusing to let their challenges get in the way of making a living. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin at 6:00 with breaking news. a hazmat situation in bucks county. let's get out to dave stratt wise sr. live in ottsville right now. dave?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: lucy, we are about a quarter mile now from a home here in the 8700 block block of easton road in ott ottsville, nockamixon township state police were serving a warrant this afternoon around noon. we'll show you some video from skyfox as they went to serve a mental health commitment warrant on a 70-year-old man who lives in the home. they discovered multiple weapons at the home and what they describe as explosive chemicals. at this hour, state police have bomb experts, bomb squad membe members, police and rescue units in the area on the scene and on the property. when i was just up there a few moments ago, they were searching two sheds on the property line 50 feet away from another home. there are at least five homes in close proximity to this location here. again, state police still searching that. still going over the items that are on the property there. they were here to serve a mental health commitment warrant on a 70-year-old male who lives at the home. when they discover


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